Naam, functie
Katinka Simonse, MFA
Kunstenaar, schrijver, strateeg


Elevator pitch                                                   
Working as an artist I’m researching frictions in our norms: How we behave, how we live, how we connect with each other, our position towards animals, the environment, the future of our food, phosphate issues, (social)media, refugee frames, politics, the clothing industry, multiculturalism, communication difficulties, the spreading of (fake) news, everything related to Fukushima(!) and more.
I have the capacity to use this information to hack peoples brain and change their behavior. Usually in art but depending on the context/situation the medium can be anything. (some would call that magic in communication strategy)

To save the world

Belangrijkste exportlanden            
currently working in Japan.
(Fukushima prefecture)

Art, writing, (communication) strategist.

I am a(n) (visual) artist. But that’s broad. I exhibit. Perform. Make films. I give lectures, participate in debates, work out strategies to fix shit (for example, I am one of the strategists behind ‘het kinderpardon’), research subjects that you don’t know much about, intervene as a guest teacher at different art academies and I write books and columns.

In te huren als                                   
speaker, debater, host.
for strategies: I usually choose my own subjects and goals, but you can always drop me a line if you think we share interests. I might be able to accomplish the unexpected.

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